Top 7 Spiritual angle in the law of attraction

Basically, the whole concept of law of attraction is based on spirituality. The law of attraction is a spiritual process of manifesting dreams into reality by meditating regularly and by achieving those constructive and positive thoughts.

Introduction to the law of attraction 

The secrets of the universe are known to us. But we are trying to find all the answers.

The law of attraction is one of those secrets and mysteries of the world which helps us to find the answers of many mysteries and secrets.

We all want to manifest our desires and that also instantly and in an easy way. We all want to know about how to make the desires happen in reality. The law of attraction is the answer to it.

Actually, by practicing the process of law of attraction we can achieve our desires or manifest desires in reality. 

What is spiritual manifestation?

Basically, the whole concept of law of attraction is based on spirituality.

The law of attraction is a spiritual process of manifesting dreams into reality by meditating regularly and by achieving those constructive and positive thoughts.

It does not mean that you have to meditate in those typica, regular and traditional ways like others.

There are many forms of meditation available in the law of attraction manifestation magic tool kit.

There is music and audio clips have been made for meditation and to make the process easy. You just have to listen to those audio clips in your free time or the best, in bed time.

The audio clips will automatically carry you through the journey of meditation and make your brain ready for the rest of your life with positivity and constructive thoughts. 

It has been found that the spiritual concept of the law of attraction was already there in the ancient Hindu culture, which was known as ‘karma’.

In present days, the idea took many different names, such as ‘mental science’ or ‘positive thinking’. But the real idea of it is the same as it was in ancient Hindu culture.

But the process of practicing the spirituality and understanding the law of attraction has been changed a bit through these years.

It mainly aims to build positive thoughts in your mind and by those constructive thoughts you can manifest your desires into reality. 

The angle of spiritual manifestation holds the idea of manifesting your beliefs.

In an elaborative approach it says that, if you believe in something with the deepest corner of your heart and with a lot of attention, the thing will happen in real life.

And of course if you work accordingly by a guide to manifestation. On the other hand, the idea of spiritual manifestation in law of attraction says that if you want something not to happen in reality and provide a lot of focus on it, the thing also will probably happen in reality. 

Approaching spiritually to the law of attraction

The concept of spiritual manifestation in the law of attraction says that you can achieve what you choose to think about. It just needs a perfect approach to the law of attraction, spiritually. 

The spiritual energy created by your thoughts

A reality is created by your thoughts by using what you experience in real life. When you think of something it creates an electromagnetic energy.

By this electromagnetic energy you attract the thing you want to achieve in life. Every single thing in this universe has a common nature in it. It vibrates in different frequencies.

And here comes the magic. The things with the same amount of vibrating frequency naturally attract each other in this universe.

So if you think about all negative things in your life, your brain creates negative frequency.

The negative vibration created by your brain through the negative frequency attracts negative people and negative circumstances in your life, which affects your life goals negatively.

On the other hand, if you think about the positive and constructive things of your life it will attract positivity and all of those positive things and people in your life and you end up being successful or manifesting your desires in your life. 

Think only about your specific goals

Another important spiritual approach needs to be done in case of manifesting desires is thinking only about your specific goals.

Make your thoughts focused only towards the things you want to achieve.

Other thoughts beside your desires mean distraction, which will be a wall between you and your desires. So, only focus on your goals, nothing else.

Prayers and meditation

A common question asked in google by many people is ‘how to use meditation for prosperity and abundance’.

It is possible to attract your desires by prayers and meditation. You just need a perfect approach to it.

First of all visualize what you really want and then pray by meditation to become it reality. Praying is a very strong weapon for believers.

If you believe in it, use it to make your desires happen in reality. 

How does it work? 

The main thought of spiritual manifestation of the law of attraction is you can achieve what you want in your life.

If you think positive thoughts, you will spread positive vibes around you and it will attract positive things so that you can achieve positive things in life.

But you need to work accordingly by a particular order. If we place the orders from start to the end, it will look like this –

  1. Know about your desires
  2. Make a demand from the universe for it
  3. Feel that your desire is on the way
  4. Always be ready to receive it when it comes

The one thing you need to always remember is that do not do half attempts.

When you are at the verge of achieving something always try your best and provide two hundred percent of your effort.

In this universe nothing is easy to achieve.

Only the law of attraction cannot bring your desires to you if you are not ready to work accordingly. 

On a physical level, we can say that the law of attraction spirituality works in a very scientific way.

When you think something your brain alerts the whole body about that thing and your brain makes your body parts work accordingly.

This is the basic brain function as per science says.

So, this can be easily said that when you pray or meditate about anything you desire for, that thing you desire for prioritize itself on your brain and then your brain makes a clear idea about it.

Then your brain gives you and your body parts some instructions to manifest your desires and then your body parts work accordingly and make it happen. So, that is how scientifically spirituality in the law of attraction works. 

Finding a way of spiritual practice

Understanding the spiritual effect of the law of attraction is not simple.

People often ask for easy and simple ways to gain the spiritual formula of the law of attraction.

But the reality is, there is not any particular formula present. The known aspects of the law of attraction to manifest anything are your thoughts and belief, your desire, your expectations and your actions.

Putting these aspects together to sum up manifestation is not at all the way to for manifestation. Manifesting your desire is not that simple.

One of the important aspects on which people pay less attention is the force of the universe.

Yes it does sound mysterious but once you know the mystery behind it you have gained the key to the law of attraction.

We all are present in the universe for a reason. Everyone who is borned has a purpose in life.

Many of us don’t know the purpose of life but those who know why they were borned manifesting their desire becomes easier.

Everything is connected , you are connected with the universe and the universe is connected to you as well, hence you play an important role in the universe.

When it comes to the universe there are also some distractions present which can affect you on a daily basis.

So the question arises how to keep a balance with the universe and the distractions from the society.

Well the best way to do it is to grow connections with nature. By connecting to nature you can actually connect to yourself so basically it is retreat for yourself.

In the busy schedule of your day try to keep some time for yourself so that you can spend some time with yourself.

When you start to connect with nature you automatically gain the spiritual connection with the energy from the universe which allows manifestation of your reality.

The spiritual laws and their meanings.

There are some spiritual laws of the universe.

When it comes to spiritual laws of the universe the one thing that it directs to is the key to the law of attraction.

These laws will help you understand how they actually influence you.

  1. This law tells that everything in this universe is interconnected. Every desire, every action, every thought of ours has an influence in the universe and the people in our lives. The impact is sometimes visible and sometimes it is not and it may differ in time as well.
  2. Everything in this universe has their energy. Each and every tiny particle has its frequency. Every movement of anything requires an enormous amount of energy which is contained in it. So to tone up your life you have to make a change of your own frequency.
  3. Everything that happens follows a particular pattern which keeps repeating itself in the universe over an interval of time. When you are capable of finding the pattern of occurrence of events in your life you can easily consider those patterns and make changes according to your convenience.
  4. The next law is the law of attraction which is already known to all. But to work it out properly you must know all the perks. You should be very much particular about your desires and thoughts of yourself. Having a positive mindset is very much needed to manifest those desires.
  5. Law of inspiration is another vital law. Just attaining a positive attitude and setting goals is not sufficient. Taking inspiration from the steps of others is also important. The steps do not necessarily have to be too big, it can be small but it will definitely help you attract the abundance you want. 
  6. Everything has a cause and effect. Everything that happens has a reaction to the physical world you know the reason but when it comes to the spiral side you don’t know the science behind it. Well the known fact is that the physical world and spiritual world are connected.
  7. Compensation law is a law that revolves around money and your behaviour.The amount of money you desire for depends on the amount of money you are putting to gain profit from the invested money. The way you will treat other people you will get the same treatment back. But also always expecting rewards will be negative for you.
  8. Law of opposites is the next law. It says that everything has its opposites. And by understanding this life becomes easier for you. When you have something negative going on in your life you must know that the positives are on the way. 
  9. All things follow a cycle. This is the law of cycles which says that everything happens according to a particular movement. The months in a year, the weather, the season everything follows a cycle which affects the life of a person and brings change in their perspective.
  10. Each gender has a different kind of energy in them. The two major energies are of two type one is masculine energy and another is feminine energy. And these two energies together maintain a balance to make a healthy life. 


So, in this article we discussed the spiritual angle of the law of attraction, how it works and the spiritual laws and their meanings.

It seems that the law of attraction has been proved scientifically and the spirituality in it plays a big role in manifesting desires.

For extra help watch the law of attraction videos and read the best law of attraction book and purchase law of attraction tool kit and work accordingly in the process in order to manifest your desires.