Manifesting Wealth by using the Law of Attraction

In this article we came to know about using the law of attraction to manifest wealth or money. Here we briefly discussed how the law of attraction works in case of manifesting money, the blockings of money, the possible solutions to it and about the signs from what you can be aware of when you are about to get money and become wealthy

Introduction to the law of attraction

There are a lot of mysteries in the world about what our knowledge is limited to. The law of attraction is one of them. The first question that comes up in mind after hearing the word ‘law of attraction’ is what is the law of attraction secret or what is the secret law of attraction?

Well, simply the law of attraction is such a thing that attracts the thing we really want. That does not mean that the things will come easily or without any effort. We have to work accordingly with a focus to find the answer to the question ‘how to make law of attraction work’. 

Manifesting money and wealth 

A very common goal people want to achieve across the globe is manifest money. Not only that we all want to manifest more money and manifest money fast. Because money or wealth has its own benefits. It can provide a power that we are lacking in the current time.

It can provide food, it can provide shelter, and it can provide everything we want. That is why we all want to attract wealth. This article is about money manifestation. Here we will discuss how to attract wealth and prosperity in life or how to manifest what we want.

1. How to manifest money and wealth using law of attraction

So, are you the one who wants to explore the law of attraction business just from the affection of money? Do not worry, there are millions of people who are just like you. The affection is real. That is why so many people want to attract abundance and prosperity by using the law of attraction techniques. Here we will discuss some exercises and will know about how to attract more money using law of attraction.

A. Point your focus on abundance

Focusing on abundance is really important. Without it you cannot know your will and you cannot find how to manifest what you want. To manifest what you want or for manifesting what you want this step needs to be done. There are few steps to do so and find how to manifest what you want quickly. 

  • Make a daily routine to think about how grateful you are by having those 5-6 things in life. This helps to motivate your inner soul and your emptiness go away.
  • Make your eyes close for 5 minutes daily and think and pay gratitude to the abundances of your life. This is the way of attracting abundance and prosperity

B. Flip your negative mind

Manifestation of money or money manifestation needs to be guided in a proper way. Through this way you will meet some of the biggest critics of your life. These criticisms will spread negativity in you. But you need to stay focused and flip your negative mind in a positive and productive way for attracting wealth abundance and prosperity. 

C. Spend wisely 

Here is another effective way of using the law of attraction to attract money. Spend wisely. To attract more, you have to be wiser on how and where to invest or spend the wealth you have. This is how you can use law of attraction in business or law of attraction for business. 

D. Learn to face the facts

How to bring prosperity into your life? To find the answer you have to learn to face the real facts and then learn from those facts. Do not be a daydreamer. Be practical and dream big on the practical basis. 

E. Do you love the smell of money?

Okay, first of all this sounds awkward right? Let’s think about this point in another way. If there is someone special in your life or you love someone from the deepest place of your heart. You will love the smell of the perfume used by your beloved or you will love the smell of his or her hair. Just like this, if you love the smell of money that means you want to manifest wealth and abundance or we can say you want to manifest more money from the deepest place of your heart. This process always reminds you about manifesting money fast.

F. Make your fear go away

One of the biggest path blocker on the path of being successful is the fear of success. There are three steps to make the fear go away and be able to money manifest. Those are – 

  • Write down your fear
  • Find the origin of your fear
  • Find a solution to those fears and write down 

2. A perfect plan to manifest money

An execution plan is needed to find the answer of how to manifest money fast or how to manifest money quickly. A perfect plan gives you a timeline and divides your path of manifesting money into small parts and makes the process easy. A plan creates a better understanding law of attraction. Understanding the law of attraction is the main secret. That is why we all need a perfect plan for attracting money with the law of attraction. With a perfect plan and by executing it in a proper way we can use the law of attraction to attract money. In this point we will try to provide a brief on the perfect plan of how to use the law of attraction for money. 

A. Do not limit your beliefs 

As the headline suggests, do not limit your beliefs. It is very common to feel sad, depressed about money or not getting enough money. But overcoming is the answer. Do not spend much time on these emotions that holds you back from manifesting your desire. Just think about the law of attraction and money in that moment and get rid of those emotions easily. You can use the best law of attraction books for further guidance. 

B. Make a crystal clear intention 

Setting a crystal clear intention is really important to manifest desires. If you only do not know about your intentions or when, how and how much money you want in your entire life, then how can you expect your meaningless dreams becoming true in real life? That is why you need to make a clear idea and intention and then only think about how to attract money by law of attraction. 

C. Show respect for money

You do not deserve anything if you do not respect that particular thing. It is like a universal truth and applicable for all the desires we have. You have to keep that in mind in case of manifesting desires. Show some respect for money in case you want to manifest more money. Buy a new fresh wallet, handle money with care. These are important steps to the answer of ‘how to use the law of attraction for money’. For more details watch the law of attraction videos. 

D. Believe your intuition 

This particular step in the middle of the process of manifesting money is really important. This is the point when you are able to smell money coming on your way. You can feel that you are going to be rich. In this point you can clearly see the money points from where you are going to get money. To be more clear about your intuition you can do some steps. You can use meditation for prosperity and abundance. You can look into yourself with a steady mind and then you can make your intuitions more clear and powerful as they are. This is something the law of attraction does to those who try to find how to attract money using law of attraction. 

E. Trust yourself and the universe

The final step is to learn to trust the universe to manifest money. Because if you don’t, you will suffer from anxiety and your mind will be full of thoughts that will hold you back from manifesting what you want. So, trust the universe, be happy and use the law of attraction for money making. 

3. Blocking of money you need to know about

As we know that we all want to manifest money or at least try to find how to attract prosperity and abundance or how to attract abundance and prosperity. But even after trying hard most of us cannot achieve success. Because there are some money blockings that hold us behind from getting rich. As a result we only find the answer of ‘how to manifest anything you want’. But we never find any answer. Here we will discuss those money blockings to be aware of those. 

  • Many of us think that most of the people have lost the battle of manifesting money. This thinking is not healthy for anyone who wants to be rich. Just leave the idea and think that you can do it. 
  • Do not prioritize negative thoughts about money. It is true that a lack of money can lead anyone to depression and anxiety, but if you get trapped in these thoughts you can never manifest more money. Write down the negative thoughts and write down the possible solutions beside. 
  • A commonly asked question on google is ‘how to manifest one million dollars’. We say that if you work according to the law of attraction you can achieve billions. First of all check your work environment. If there are any negatives in it just try to ignore it. And use the law of attraction tools for more help. 
  • Many of us fail to get the signals of the universe and ultimately fail to manifest desires. In that case keep your eyes open and find new opportunities. 
  • Another one is an extremely giving mindset. Helping people, being generous is fine but in case of manifesting money you cannot always give everything to people who don’t deserve it. Always remember your dream is to make money. 
  • Most of us are not specific about our intentions. Clear mindset and intentions is really needed to avoid money blockings. 
  • A mindset with low expectations from yourself can never bring you success. That is why manifestation books to make your expectations high read. 
  • As we discussed before, the fear of success is a real harm in manifesting money. Write down your fears and find possible solutions. 

4. Signs of money on the way

In the way of your hard work if you wonder about how you can make sure that money is coming to you or not, there is a way to understand it and it depends on some beliefs. Such as – 

You see the number 8 constantly

In some cultures the number 8 is believed to be lucky. And it has been proved in many ways in history. 

Are you expecting a baby?

Because in Chinese culture expecting a baby is believed as a hint of getting more money. 

You see more bugs in your house than other times

In Trinidad bugs are believed as a sign of coming money. 

You see bubbles in your coffee

Some superstition culture says that if you notice bubbles in your coffee that means you are going to get money. 

You see your initials on a spider’s web

This is the highest specific sign of coming money. 


In this article we came to know about using the law of attraction to manifest wealth or money. Here we briefly discussed how the law of attraction works in case of manifesting money, the blockings of money, the possible solutions to it and about the signs from what you can be aware of when you are about to get money and become wealthy. Now there are the law of attraction videos to know more about the law of attraction for manifesting money, which will guide to manifestation. You can read our book of manifestation on manifestation of money. We provide the best law of attraction books. The books have all the answers to the commonly asked questions like, ‘how the law of attraction works’, ‘how to make the law of attraction work’, ‘how to manifest law of attraction’ and many more. Use those tips and tricks and manifest your desires in real life.