80 Manifesting Success and Abundance by Law of Attraction

Learn how to have a positive mind only then you can effortlessly overcome your obstacles. After you know your obstacles, take them in a positive way and rectify things that will help you in manifesting your desire.

To manifest anything it is very important to avoid any negativity to focus on the future. If you desire to be powerful but you don’t know how to manifest power, look for the positives in you that make you powerful from others.

The idea of law of attraction

The law of attraction is one of the most mysterious things in the world. And an even bigger mysterious thing is how the law of attraction works actually.

The key to the law of attraction is nothing but to focus on your own thoughts and concentrate on those thoughts passionately to achieve anything in the world. In clear words the law of attraction is simply to find out our own potential to attract something.

Manifesting Success and Abundance

Law of attraction can easily be used to achieve anything in life. Success and prosperity is a thing that everyone craves for. Now the question arises how to attract abundance and prosperity by using the law of attraction.

There are many ways to attract abundance and prosperity but you have to be very considerate about the ways which will work for you and have to focus on them only to create abundance.

A. Ways to become successful in life

Know how to attract abundance by going through these ways and find out which are the ones for you:-

  1. Setting goals is the primary step.
  2. Flow chart making is very important to keep a record of the things to do step by step.
  3. Always be ready for the scope of risks. It is not necessary that things will always be in favor of you.
  4. Be in a positive surrounding.
  5. Follow your instinct and heart and let the universe tell you what to do.
  6. Only focus on the things which are crucial and skip and overlook things that are not at all important.
  7. Go with the flow.
  8. Get rid of things that can be a distraction in the process of achieving your goals.
  9. Do not delay your work. Make tomorrow your today.
  10.  Learn how to visualize and start visualizing.
  11. Do not always choose your comfort level.
  12.  Learn how to keep a positive mindset.
  13. Make confidence you’re all time partner.
  14.  Try to interact with more people. Learn how to manifest new friends.
  15. Always take a lesson from your mistakes.
  16. Do not get demotivated by the failures you have been through.
  17. Keep doing what you need to do and be determined for that.
  18. Do not forget to do self-care.
  19. Take good care of your body. Your body is your asset. Learn ways to manifest health. Try to eat healthy food.
  20. Learn how to manifest self-love and focus on your mental health. Try to omit stress.
  21. Do not forget the reasons for which you want to manifest success.
  22. Make a healthy sleeping routine.
  23. Start managing your time.
  24. Don’t get too busy. Leave time for relaxing and try to have fun as well.
  25. Have patience and wait for good things to happen.
  26. Learn how to be positive.
  27. Conserve your energy and use it wisely.
  28. Learn how to manifest your desire and use them in attracting abundance and prosperity.
  29. Keep no scope for excuses.
  30. Even if you make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, don’t get demotivated .This is a basic human nature and it is completely fine.
  31. Socialize with people who are successful in life and take tips from them.
  32. Have a commitment with your dreams.
  33. Seek opportunities.
  34. Keep pushing yourself even in hard times. It is just a phase it will pass.
  35. Learn how to visualize success.
  36. Try to be unique just by being yourself.
  37. Do not get affected by people’s comments. It is your decision so stick to it.
  38. Take those advice which you think can be beneficial for you.
  39. Believe in yourself and know that whatever you are doing it is best for you.
  40. It is your life and you don’t need to give justification to others for your journey.
  41. There is no place for negative people in your life.
  42. Gaining knowledge is just not sufficient, you have to learn to apply the knowledge as well.
  43. Be strong with your strengths and deal with your weaknesses.
  44. In the journey to attract abundance and prosperity people will criticize you .Try to ignore them.
  45. Do listen to critics and do not hesitate to give feedback.
  46. Always try to be active mentally.
  47. Find a replacement of your boredom. Go out and meet people and travel with them.
  48. Try to meet new people and welcome everyone in your life who is there to give you any life lesson.
  49. For more experience try to travel more.
  50. Have a close observation for your success.
  51. Be grateful for everything you have.
  52. When your thoughts are overflowing note them down to have a visual aid of your thoughts.
  53. Have faith in yourself and don’t blame yourself for everything.
  54. Be optimistic for life.
  55. Be generous and believe in sharing with others.
  56. Try to be kind and sweet to people around it. 
  57. Put your hundred percent and become hardworking.
  58. Utilize time wisely. Do not waste your time on things that are nearly useless.
  59. Be responsible for everything you do.
  60. Learn how to control your life.
  61. You have so many thoughts in your mind going on. Keep organizing your thoughts otherwise you will get puzzled.
  62. Don’t get flowed away by your emotions. Work on your emotions and learn to control them.
  63. Believe that you are not ordinary. Do extraordinary things.
  64. Have peace of mind.
  65. Know what you respect the most and try to be it.
  66. Do not hesitate to restart anything. Starting over for better results is something so brave to do.
  67. Be thankful to all the people who help in keeping your surrounding positive by showing their love towards you.
  68. Do not stop trying by the fear of failing.
  69. Don’t get shattered by any rejections. This rejection can lead to a great thing that is yet to come.
  70. Terminate dramatically things from your life.
  71. Do not run from your problems. Gain the courage to deal with every problem that comes in your way.
  72. Attracting wealth abundance and prosperity doesn’t mean you have to work continuously. You must take breaks to refresh your mind.
  73. You must be thinking how to manifest my dreams without even thinking about the things you want. So start dreaming.
  74. Learn how to stay happy and positive.
  75. Practice meditation for prosperity and abundance.
  76. How to attract prosperity and abundance when you are not putting out your feelings completely. Feel free to express your feelings.
  77. You don’t need affirmation of success and prosperity because you know exactly how to attract prosperity.
  78. Learn how to make law of attraction work for attracting abundance and prosperity by knowing your self-esteem.
  79. Always try to improve your self-esteem. Do not underestimate yourself.
  80. Learn how to have a positive outlook.

B. Failure to success: overcoming obstacles

You must be thinking how to attract wealth and prosperity when there are so many obstacles in the process of creating abundance. You can easily use the law of attraction to manifest what you want. You just have to be a little optimistic and know how to make the law of attraction work for you.

1. Learn lessons

To overcome the obstacles the best thing to do is to take lessons from your mistakes. Whatever you are trying to manifest in life you have to take challenges to earn it.If you don’t know how to manifest perfect job for you could just seek help for enhancing your resume. If you don’t know how to manifest business success try to note down what mistakes you are making which is not very helpful to create abundance. If you want to manifest more money, then try spending on those things only which are necessary for your survival, this will help you save a lot of money. Manifest what you want very easily just by knowing your goods and bads.

2. Be positive

Learn how to have a positive mind only then you can effortlessly overcome your obstacles. After you know your obstacles, take them in a positive way and rectify things that will help you in manifesting your desire. To manifest anything it is very important to avoid any negativity to focus on the future. If you desire to be powerful but you don’t know how to manifest power, look for the positives in you that make you powerful from others.

3. Make yourself worthy

When you know your obstacles and your positives now you have to use them wisely to build up yourself. You have to develop self-affirmation. You have to tell yourself every day that you are very much capable of everything and you deserve everything that you want in life. Knowing your worth will help you know how to bring prosperity into your life. You have to prepare yourself for the journey and the things that are going to happen. 

C. Some psychological strategies to manifest success and abundance

Using the law of attraction to attract money and anything is undoubtedly one of the effective ways. But there are some more psychological strategies by which attracting money with the law of attraction becomes easier. These strategies will help you to know how to find the abundance and influence your success.

1. Connecting with people

Sometimes when you try to connect with someone you find it quite difficult to do so. You don’t know how to start a conversation with that person. You have no idea whether the person is interested in you or not. Well then there is a way to solve all these problems. You just have to know to build proper eye contact with that person. When the person will reciprocate you will know the sense of their mind and you can easily decide whether to step in a conversation or just simply leave.

2. Stay away from conflict

When you are in a conversation and you don’t want to tone up the conversation then you must try avoiding conflicts. Debates and disagreements in a conversation can bring heat in the conversation. So to avoid these you can simply just not react when the other person is talking or you can just sit in a different place from which ignoring the person is easier.

3. Make a positive mindset

If you are thinking how to develop positive thinking then there are definitely some psychological ways of doing that. Enhancing your habits can easily enhance your mood throughout the day. You should start working out to have positive energy within you. You exactly know how to feel positive by bringing some changes in your environment. It is often effective to stay in a neat and clean environment to boost up your positivity.

4. Spread positivity

To spread positivity you must know first how to be happy and positive. There are many tips on how to stay positive which are psychologically proven. Healthy listening capabilities can spread positivity to other people. When you listen to someone they can open up and share their thoughts and then you can tell them and encourage them that there are solutions available to everything.

5. Be good at interviews

Most of us feel nervous and anxious before going to an interview. Well there are some psychological ways by which you can ace any interview. To relax your body and to stay calm it is said that chewing gum can help you in this situation. When you do that your mind tells you that you are in a friendly environment and you will nor sweat anymore. When you have gained inner calmness now the time is to actually apply some tricks. While having the interview a positive body language will make the interviewer believe in you. Head nodding while explaining yourself will express that your body agrees with your brain.


Money manifestation and how to manifest desires faster by using the law of attraction is a huge subject. All the possible ways of how to manifest abundance and money is described in the article. To understand the law of attraction in more detail there are the best law of attraction books present in the market which you can use. How to manifest desire faster by using the law of attraction is explained within the article. You have to know the exact points which will work the best in your case then only you will be successful in using the law of attraction.