3 Main Energies Money, Prosperity, Abundance: Expectations vs. Reality

This article presents the dynamics of those three energies (money, prosperity, abundance) and encourages you to release the fears associated with lack and limitation.

The Purpose of Money

Unfortunately, much of humanity is so focused on making money than it’s lost sight of deeper purposes. Persons in or affiliated with traditional organizations are perhaps particularly adept at this concentrate on money, or, as we wish to say, “the bottom line.”

We are stepping into a time (or are we in it?) after we can more easily see the manifestations of our false beliefs. We face experiences that more easily teach us to tap into higher purposes and more empowering intention. we’ll surely get this teaching. Since I’ve got entitled to this text, “Money, Prosperity, Abundance,” I need to define my terms. For me, each word connotes a special meaning and resonates with a special vibration.

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The Meaning of Money, Prosperity, and Abundance

 Money may be a means of exchange, the energy within the kind of coins or wampum or reduced to paper as currency. The sole power money has is that the power we provide it. Prosperity means flourishing and thriving. We tend to equate prosperity with success and success and affluence, the nice things of life. Abundance is an overflowing supply, fullness. The Infinite Source is our supply.

The energy of prosperity has more of a flow thereto than money — hear the word “prosperity” as you say it aloud and resonate to its vibration. you’ll feel a similar resonance of the words that I used above to define prosperity, also.

Creating Money, Prosperity, and Abundance

When we focus our attention on the world of cash, we tend to believe that the sole thanks to generating extra money are with money or something else that’s tangible or physical. In other words, there’s a belief that we can only create something “new” from something that’s already created. this is often a fallacy. this can be a belief that’s coming to the surface for humanity immediately as our money and organizational systems are challenged.

When we sleep in the consciousness of abundance, we all know that we will create more of everything from the Source. there’s no fear during this consciousness. Consider how you are feeling once you are surrounded by the richness of nature, one in every of the physical world’s manifestations of abundance. Ideas flow. Peace is present. you’ll be able to more easily touch your joy. You vibrate to abundance.

Releasing Fears and Resistance

 Fears and resistance about money are strong in our society, especially now. Such thoughts and feelings aren’t necessarily in direct proportion to the number of cash a private or organization has. Those with considerable financial means often digest more fears and resistance about money than those with modest resources. the same old response to the present phenomenon is, “Of course, they need more to lose.” But I say it goes deeper than that.

Fears and resistance about money are embedded deeply within the human consciousness due to the eye and feelings related to it.  These dynamics permeate all aspects of our lives as a society and impact us even once we don’t personally embrace the particular concept. These embedded dynamics disappear as we lift our vibration and consciousness to understand abundance.

Fears and resistance about money may be released by surrendering — often a tricky concept for those that are “successful” in our society. We release fears and resistance by knowing that we opening to wellness and abundance instead of overcoming sickness and poverty. We release by paying attention to our growth process. We release by letting go. We release by now not resisting.

I know — both personally and energetically — many successful persons who are being challenged to maneuver into and stay in their spiritual knowingness. those that are successful and prosperous within the world because it has been must now shift their foundation so that they believe the Source of their manifested physical things instead of the idea within the manifested physical things themselves.

The dichotomy of wealth and poverty isn’t merely a difficulty of distribution, but one amongst consciousness. We are stepping into a brand new paradigm, a paradigm that features the notice and acknowledgment of Spirit. Let’s make the move consciously, joyfully, and abundantly. quite enough exists during this world that’s constantly expanding